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Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals and Polyclinics organized a mega event to celebrate Omani Women’s Day. To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening was also launched in the same event. Dr. Bassim Al Bahrani, Director, National Oncology Centre was the chief guest of the event. The event was attended by Dr. V T Vinod and Mr. Abdul Latheef, Managing Directors, Senior Management, Doctors, representation from Oman Cancer Association, large number of Omani and Expat Women, strong representation from Print and Electronic Media, etc.  Omani women staff lead the show by doing comparing, recitation of Noble Quran, speeches on Omani Women Day, enlightened the crowd with the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening Campaign. The event was followed by cake cutting ceremony to celebrate Omani Women’s Day.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Bassim Al Bahrani laid the emphasis on the importance of breast cancer screening in diagnosing the disease at early stage before it becomes fatal. He said with the rise in the number of breast cancer cases, the importance of raising awareness and making the screening facilities accessible and affordable has become important. He shared the contributions and initiatives of National Cancer Centre and particularly Oman Cancer Association in this domain. “The initiatives like Dar-al-Hanan, a home set-up almost eight  years ago for care of children suffering from cancer, Mobile Breast Cancer Screening Unit with Mammography, etc. have made a significant contribution in helping the needy cancer patients.”, said Dr. Bassim

Dr. Wahid Al Kharusi, President and Chairperson of Oman Cancer Association appreciated the efforts by the Badr Al Samaa Group and welcomed their participation in the upcoming Walk-a-thon organized by Oman Cancer Association to raise awareness on breast cancer on 30th October. 

On this occasion, Dr. V T Vinod, Managing Director, Badr Al Samaa Group thanked His Majesty Sultan Qaboos for his noble and path breaking initiatives for the development and empowerment of women in Oman. He appreciated the remarkable contribution of Omani Women in the development of the region.  He said that women here have led from the front in securing their human rights and helped build equitable societies. “Woman is the power to create, nurture and transform! The word ‘woman’ summons up the images of selfless love, care and affection. At the same time, women ignite the spirit of power and hope”, said Dr. Vinod.  

Mr. Abdul Latheef, Managing Director, Badr Al Samaa Group congratulated Omani Women on this day and appreciated and thanked them for their contribution in the growth of Badr Al Samaa and the society at large. He thanked Dr. Bassim Al Bahrani for gracing the occasion and assured him that Badr Al Samaa will do every possible help and contribution in the initiatives of Oman Cancer Association and other bodies to support the cause of raising awareness on cancer and help detecting the cancer at early stage. He said, “Badr Al Samaa hospital has the most advanced mammography facility for the precision breast cancer diagnosis and we are in pursuit of adding more modalities for cancer screening”. 

Dr. Shafeek Muhammed, Group CEO in his opening note congratulated and encouraged maximum participation of women in all the spheres of life. He thanked Dr. Bassim Al Bahrani for gracing the occasion with his presence. Dr. Muhammed said that Badr Al Samaa has major plans in early cancer diagnosis and treatment modalities in the private sector across many centres of the group. He said in collaboration with Oman Cancer Association we will be providing affordable diagnostic and treatment modalities for underprivileged Omanis and Expats. 

Mr. K O Devassy, Chief Marketing Officer, in his closing note reiterated the importance of contribution of women in developing the society, He said, “just like a woman completes our family, our Omani female staff completes Badr Al Samaa family”. Apart from this he threw light of the 15 Days Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. The campaign will educate and aware females on all facets of Breast Cancer with the help of doctor counseling and patient information literature and will offer mammography, cancer screening and basic women care packages on heavily discounted prices to ensure no one is left behind in this campaign because of the affordability. 

Dr. Mary Meritta Pereira, Specialist Gynaecologist and Dr. Arya Vinu, Specialist Radiologist addressed the women, exclusive session on the theme of Breast Cancer Awareness was the highlight of the session. Where Dr. Mary spoke about the symptoms, risk factors, precautions and methods of self breast examination, Dr. Arya explained the importance of breast cancer screening and explained mammography scan and its importance. 

A group level quiz contest was conducted prior to event on Breast Cancer Awareness which witnessed massive participation. Five winners were chosen and they were felicitated in this event by Dr. Bassim Al Bahrani. Such types of activities are regularly conducted in Badr Al Samaa to ensure the engagement of more and more people in the campaigns which helps in raising awareness and reaching out to masses. 

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