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With lifestyles having changed drastically over the last few decades, it has become a necessity now to go for preventive health checkups. It’s always better to catch diseases in their early stage before they take root firmly in your body and start causing irreparable damages to the organs. The Complete Heart and Body Check-up package takes a detailed look at the different systems in the body and includes an exhaustive list of blood tests, chest x-rays, ECG, ECHO, TMT and abdominal ultrasound. The results are examined by a physician and you will be given appropriate advice during an all-inclusive consultation.

Package inclusions :
  • BMI, BP, Dental Consultation
  • Blood Grouping & Rh Typing,Complete Blood Count, ESR,Blood Sugar (Fasting or Random )
  • Chest X Ray, ECG
  • Lipid Profile (Total Cholestrol, HDL,LDL,VLDL,Triglycerides)
  • LFT (Alkaline Phosphatase,SGOT,SGPT,Total Bilirubin,Direct / Indirect Bilirubin ,Total Protein,Albumin), Urine Routine Examination,Uric Acid, ECHO / TMT,
  • Physician Consultation and Diet Advice
  • USG (Abdomen)

Available At :

Complete Heart and Body

Medical tourism in Oman
AED 700


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